Patience is very important thing , we always strive to something bigger , and we have big expectations about this and that . But we all need to be patient about it , we all strive for better but this is where patience kicks in . Examples like waiting in lines , doing job you don’t like for a brief moment that is all related with patience . But what would happen if we stop being patient ?

Well its simple we would all turn into this grumpy people , and spoiled brats who always want things now never understanding or never realising world around us. By being patient you remain calm most of the time that have waiting involved . The more patient you have the more tolerant you are . And that is very good quality in someone’s personality . So how to get more patient ? Or how to get it back if you lost it during the time ?

Its not that hard patient is bound with calmness and the more you are calm the more patient you are . But don’t keep things inside you , express your self on tolerant way , there is no need to overreact on things . Its been proven that people who do yoga , meditation , tai chi , and other sort of relaxing programs are to be more calm then a man who works all the time , and never have time for him self . But really its not that hard to make few extra minutes to calm your self or think things trough . Every time you get stressed in waiting just tell your self its fine the line is moving and that is most important thing , as long as thing are going you will get there , you just have to wait .

So the point is relax , enjoy life rather then judge it and you will have all the patience in the world.

Thanks for reading another of my posts , good luck and have fun in your life . Happy holidays ! Have a good day !


About siriez

I am just a person i like to write i like to make my opinion on things . Im relaxed person that likes to make jokes a lot and enjoy things that make me happy
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